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Most of these phones also allow you to plug in a landline too allowing you to have two lines on one phone (skype and outside line). Just plug it into your router or switch.
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Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
If you’re a Skype subscriber, you’re probably very happy with the cheap calls you can make to overseas land lines and mobile phones, and you’re probably ecstatic over the free calls you can make 24/7 to your fellow Skype subscribers around the world. But you’re probably not overjoyed having to be tethered to your computer in order to make those calls.

Thankfully, Belkin has come to your rescue. With the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, not only are you free to roam away from your computer as you talk turkey with Istanbul, you don’t even need a computer to make calls. As long as you have access to a Wi-Fi network — any hot spot will do — you can use your Belkin Wi-Fi phone to connect to your Skype account and talk to your heart’s content.

No need for computer to be on if you have a wifi router or in a wifi zone.
$105.00 and up at

Check these Amazon skype phones, remember these are not USB but hook directly into your lan router and do not require your computer to be even on! They will ring when you have an incoming skype call or you it just like a landline when you want to call on skype..

Philips VOIP 321 Skype Dual Phone Single Handset ( VOIP3211G/37 )
4 Used & new from $99.90 on Amazon or other sites

GE – SKYPE – Dect 6.0 Cordless phone
Used & new from $195.00 on Amazon and other sites

Linksys iPhone CIT300 – Cordless phone / USB VoIP phone – DECT – Skype
Buy new: $159.99 or 3 Used & new from $69.99 on Amazon and other sites

Linksys iPhone CIT300 – Cordless phone / USB VoIP phone – DECT – Skype
Buy new: $159.99 or 3 Used & new from $69.99 on Amazon and other sites
If you don’t want a cordless model but want a corded desktype Skype phone, check out the Belkin F1PP010EN-SK Desktop Internet Phone for Skype (Black) which retails on Amazon for about $80.  Again no computer needed just plug into your router.
Also check out   Ooma a MagicJack replacement with no computer needed! Free calls to USA

How to run Skype from a USB flash drive

For those that use internet cafes and don’t have their own computers you can keep your skype right on your usb memory drive (cheap ones can be obtained at CDR King) CDRKING

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Skype 4.0
Skype lets you make cheap or free voice or video calls on computers running Windows, OS X, or Linux. There are even mobile clients available that let you make calls using your smartphone from a WiFi hotspot. But there’s no official portable version of Skype that you can run from a USB stick.

It turns out though, that it’s pretty trivial to convince Skype for Windows to run properly from a USB stick, which means you can save the program to a flash drive and carry it with you in your pocket. All of your settings and preferences will be saved to the USB stick, so your username, password, and other data won’t be stored on your work computer, friend’s computer, or other unsecure computer where you use the program.
Here’s all you have to do:
  1. Install Skype on your PC and then find the installation folder. It’s probably something like “C:\Program Files\Skype.” Copy the Skype.exe file to a folder on your USB flash drive.
Skype download here
  1. In that same folder on your flash drive, create a subfolder called “data.”
  2. Create a new text file called “Skype.bat” or Skype Portable.bat” or whatever you like.
  3. Open your new file using Notepad or another text editor and write “skype.exe /datapath:”data” /removable” (without the quotes).
  4. Save and close your file
When you click Skype.bat, Skype should launch and all of your settings will be saved in the data folder. Although these instructions were designed for older versions of Skype and Windows, I just tested them with Wndows 7 an Skype 4.0 and everything works perfectly.

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This routine can be much easier with Skype Portable Launcher 1.3 from